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    Enter and Manage Your Information Easily
    Make Changes Very Fast and Easy
    Use Contracts and Daily Prices Together
    Enter the Most Complex Contracts Easily
    Integrated with Elektra
    Define Different Prices for Markets
    Use at Mobile and Tablet Easily
    Sell the Extra Services such as Airplane, Transfer or SPA with Hotel
    Take Control
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    Hoteladvisor Channel Manager
    Manage Only One Touch
    Connected with All Major Sales Channels of The World
    Manage Your Own Web Site and All Online Channels Together
    Send Price and Availability
    Get Reservations
    Choose Full-duplex Enhanced Infrastructure
    Become Visible in Hundreds of Channels
    Hoteladvisor XML Api
    HotelBeds XML Api
    GTA XML Api
    TopHotels XML Api
    Galileo XML Api
    Amadeus XML Api
    Expedia XML Api
    HotelsPro XML Api
    Booking XML Api
    TripAdvisor XML Api
    Lots of Hotels XML Api
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    Hoteladvisor | Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Booking Engine
    Attract Your Customers Attention to Your Web Site
    Keep Them on Your Web Site
    Convert to Sales Absolutely
    Presents Valuable Analyzes and Routing
    Easy to use in any environment. (Computer, tablet, mobile phone etc.)
    Smart and Powerful Booking Engine
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    Online Travel Portal Solutions
    Online Marketing
    Become Visible in Hundreds of Channels
    SEO Ads
    Call Center
    Online Chat
    Social Media Management
Online Travel Portal

The Most Advanced Online Travel Portal 

With the Online Travel Portal provided by Hoteladvisor, through dynamic packaging option you will be able to sell hotel, flight, transfer and tour services taken from many worldwide XML operators together with your own travel services. 
Credit card payments can be taken through integration with all the banks; besides end users you may also define credit limit for sub-agencies and corporate clients. 
Due to the web-based administration panel of online travel portal, accounting transactions and operations can be managed; with the detailed CRM infrastructure you may improve customers' loyalty and satisfaction.  

XML Integration

Together with more than 10 XML services among which are Amadeus, Galileo, Expedia, HotelBeds, GTA, HotelsPro you are able to add your own hotel, plane and tour services and make dynamic packaging online on your web site. 

The same as you can take and sell the flight information from tour operator, through XML connections you may directly make purchase to all Turkish airlines. 

Combination of B2B and B2C

Hoteladvisor Online Travel Portal consist the ideal structure for sub agency and corporate sales network. With corporate log in your partners will be able to make credit payments with prices exclusively for them; and may use it for online sales through the web site by using you portal with their own name and logo.  

Payment Systems

Hoteladvisor Online Travel Portal has the virtual POS integration with majority of the bank in Turkey.  To receive secure credit card payments it would be enough just to open a virtual POS account in your bank. 

Receive Contingency and Prices from Hotels 

As with Hoteladvisor you may provide a hotel with special online page you may also provide them with management panel where they can enter their availability and rate information manually or take it from automatically from the Elektra PMS. 

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