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    Enter and Manage Your Information Easily
    Make Changes Very Fast and Easy
    Use Contracts and Daily Prices Together
    Enter the Most Complex Contracts Easily
    Integrated with Elektra
    Define Different Prices for Markets
    Use at Mobile and Tablet Easily
    Sell the Extra Services such as Airplane, Transfer or SPA with Hotel
    Take Control
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    Hoteladvisor Channel Manager
    Manage Only One Touch
    Connected with All Major Sales Channels of The World
    Manage Your Own Web Site and All Online Channels Together
    Send Price and Availability
    Get Reservations
    Choose Full-duplex Enhanced Infrastructure
    Become Visible in Hundreds of Channels
    Hoteladvisor XML Api
    HotelBeds XML Api
    GTA XML Api
    TopHotels XML Api
    Galileo XML Api
    Amadeus XML Api
    Expedia XML Api
    HotelsPro XML Api
    Booking XML Api
    TripAdvisor XML Api
    Lots of Hotels XML Api
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    Hoteladvisor | Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Hoteladvisor | Hotel Booking Engine
    Booking Engine
    Attract Your Customers Attention to Your Web Site
    Keep Them on Your Web Site
    Convert to Sales Absolutely
    Presents Valuable Analyzes and Routing
    Easy to use in any environment. (Computer, tablet, mobile phone etc.)
    Smart and Powerful Booking Engine
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    Online Travel Portal Solutions
    Online Marketing
    Become Visible in Hundreds of Channels
    SEO Ads
    Call Center
    Online Chat
    Social Media Management

Add Your Hotel to Hotel Advisor Easily

Registration - Add My Hotel

After filling up the information on ''Add My Hotel'' form and after updating the information on the new page opened for you, you will be ready to use your Hoteladvisor.net booking page. 

If you do not have a web site:

If you do not have your own Web site please forward your domain to xxxx.hoteladvisor.net using the CNAME record in your DNS settings and notify us about it. In this way when you write your name in the field your web page on hoteladvisor.net will be opened. If you already have your web site it would be enough to define xxxxxx. hoteladvisor.net address to online reservation link.   

You Can Easily Update Your Information

You can update your hotel photos by dragging and dropping or change texts, colours by simply clicking on them. If you have professional designer by using design codes (CSS) you can reach completely specialized design according to your preferences. Occupancy and price information you can manually enter or you can enable information flow directly from your hotel management program. 

Page created on HotelAdvisor.net can be used as web site or you it can be incorporated into current web site and used as online booking page. 

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